Friday, August 9, 2013

A Setback Is An Opportunity For A Comeback!

Hello Blogger!

Wow, it has been a long time since I could be here. Darn computer problems and lack of money!

Checked into Click Track Profit site on Wednesday, August 6, 2013. 
There have been some additions to the site in the form of Click To Pay sites.
Got registered at those and clicked on the ads. Looked over the functions and
features. Almost got disappointed again...more money to make money! Either
that or they want you to download apps and toolbars or games to your computer.
Seems that is how my computer got messed up the other times. Just not willing to
go through that senseless activity or consequences again.

So yesterday, August 7th, managed to watch TELive and then went on to surf and
check some of my favorite sites; Legacy Hits, Surf Skeleton, Social Ad Surf, Thumbvu,
and Sweeva. Was still not aware that I need to follow a sequence if I am to make any
headway with all of this. Practice, practice, practice! Also used Quality Safelist to do
a mailing to promote CTP.

Today, I went through Steps 1, 2, and 3 in the training section, just to make sure I was
set up properly. This involved putting a tracker link into StartXchange, I Love Hits, and
EasyHits4U sites. Also putting the correct referral ID into the screen for these instructions
at Click Track Profit. Managed to get the badge for surfing 500 sites on SX., a few of the
game card badges, two keys and surfed at Thumbvu and Sweeva. Did not get the other
keys at the other sites to open the Vault. Will have to try for those after dinner, and surf
a few other sites.  Made a bid for one of my sites on Sweeva.

So until after dinner, that is all I can do.