Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Keeping It Simple

2014 Is About KISS

What a year2013 has been!

I started out with Click Track Profit and have continued with that site.
Click Track Profit is my "system" that teaches me step by step how to
properly market online.

I have learned how to use traffic exchanges, which traffic exchanges to use on  a daily basis, and that it is important to use them daily.

Tim Tech and the Legacy Team both launched and introduced their membership to paid to click sites. Nerdbux and Legacyclix respectively
are being used to make money and grow downlines for the members.
It has taken a lot to get me to learn to use these sites. I still am not 
comfortable with them, but am willing to learn and use them as a rank

In addition to this, I have learned about Trck.me.
This site lets me track my links and banners and see what ads are working,
which sites are getting traffic to my ads, and there is still more for me to
learn about! 

Rocket Responder has been another site that is an evergreen tool every marketer needs.
This is the best priced and most easy to use auto-responder on the market.
It allows you to create list campaigns and get those subscribers! There is a 
lot I don't know about this site also, but I did manage to create my first list this year. 
An auto-responder can be used to create newsletters, email campaigns and broadcasts can be sent to all your lists for a one time message from what little I understand about them. I can also create a squeeze page with a form that captures the name and email of subscribers to my list.

My favorite evergreen tool is AdKreator.
This site has the software that allows you to create your own splash pages,
squeeze pages, and banners. Your ads are hosted on AdKreator so you do
not need to upload files or deal with all that technical mumbo-jumbo. I will
definitely be keeping my AdKreator membership for future use. I plan on getting a lifetime upgrade if that is available.

Another fun site to use and play with is Spreecast. It is a free video creation site where you can host a webinar if that is your thing. I am getting used to being on camera and got to be a part of the TimTech marathon for their Black Friday sales week. I still use You Tube for my Click Track Profit video, but will be experimenting with Spreecast more this coming year as video is the way to capture your audience attention.

TELive is the "show" the Tim Tech crew uses to keep their membership informed of updates, happenings, and to communicate live with each other.
They use Spreecast to host the show and it can be "archived" to be viewed later or deleted if that is the wish of the membership leaders.

So all in all, I have had a great year of fun, learning and friendship with the
Click Track Profit team. I have a lot more to learn and more to experience with all these low-cost, but necessary tools that are a part of marketing.
With Click Track Profit it is easier and the members of this community are there and willing to help you with questions and suggestions along the way.
If there is something I or another member cannot answer directly for you, there is a great support service for all of it that you can access Monday thru Friday by phone, on Skype or by submitting a ticket. I have gotten a quick response from the support team by using any and all of these methods.
Another reason I have chosen to stay with this system.

I now know, like and trust what they have given me. This is the bottom line of marketing as I understand it.

Thank you Tim Tech!

Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Deals - RocketResponder 50k Subscriber Limit $27/m!

This is the tool to give yourself for your business this Christmas.
I have tried other autoresponders and just gave up because they
were so darn hard to use or did not work at all. (That I could see,

In fact, when I ran across the last autoresponder learning curve,
I quit! Ouch, I hate to say that now, but it's true. I simply was
mortified that I could not understand and conquer this thing
called an autoresponder. I was very ashamed and quit! I
thought "this internet stuff might not be my cup of tea after all".

That challenge stopped me. For awhile. I kept thinking to
myself, "there must be a way I can be successful online".
The dream would not leave me alone.

When I got back online after purchasing my new computer,
I saw the ads for Click Track Profit. I had seen them before,
I was familiar with Jon and his gang from previous contact.
Click Track Profit was free to join, so I signed up.

There has been a long learning curve with this as I am not
that familiar with "systems" that help you learn as you earn.
Click Track Profit DOES do this and I am making progress.
Attending the Spreecast daily show with Jon and Tim and
others has allowed me to gather necessary information and
grow into some of these daily actions that are necessary to
get acquainted with others online.

YOU are the focus in online marketing. YOU promote the
systems and products that enable others to do this type of
work. Yes, it is work and there are no free lunches in this
industry. Like any other business, you have to show up and
take action to get any results.

People have to get to know you, like you and trust you enough
to buy your products, join your downline, download your ebook
or subscribe to your list.

The Money is in the List is often heard in this business. So here
is my recommended tool that can help you build your list. It is
in the Click Track Profit training, and every marketer does need
an autoresponder, so use the most affordable one online!

 Do you have Rocket Responder?
Every business needs an autoresponder and this is one of the best
at a price point anyone can afford!
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Do you want more leads and subscribers to your list(s)?
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 12 Days of Deals - RocketResponder 50k Subscriber Limit $27/m!

Merry Christmas!

Barbara Erickson

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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