Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top Flight Traffic



Top Flight Traffic

Set Your Traffic Soaring Skyward Today!

Everywhere around the Traffic Exchange world...well, okay, maybe not everywhere, but often enough in enough places to notice, you'll see a text ad...I want you for my wingman.

That is Randy Ritter's invitation for you to check out his awesome traffic exchange. I highly recommend it! Why?
  • Easy to place your ads and use
  • A fun airplane game for more credits, banner, and texts
  • A chat for your social inclinations-getting to know other members
  • A low price point for your advertising needs
Randy is a very knowledgeable person and has been in the online industry for quite awhile.
He has been an advocate of Personal Development and that is how I met him. He was doing an online show called Avenues To Success, sharing his story, knowledge and experiences.

I liked Randy's style and his passion of planes. Growing up in Alaska, we relied very heavily on the PBY's and Otters and Grunman Goose planes here when I was growing up. Travel in Southeast Alaska is either by plane or boat. I grew to love flying and even thought at one time about joining the Air Force. That was a nice dream, but I am not suited for it as my eyesight isn't good enough.

Randy has done some improvements to his site and it is running just fine now. I use it to surf at and have an upgraded account there which is very reasonable. I suggest you take the upgrade as you will be getting the most out of your surfing time that way. 

Say hello to Randy when you see him appear in the chat. He is a very friendly person with a good deal of knowledge if you have questions. Just ask and he will do his utmost to help you in your endeavors. He truly wants to see people succeed in this business.

You can check out Top Flight Traffic by clicking that Title link.

I'd love to hear how you do at this traffic exchange, so please leave me a comment.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jon Olson does have a point!

Jon Olson mentions that online marketing is not about being all fuzzy and nicey-nice.
He could be absolutely right! 

I have been a member of Click Track Profit for almost two years now.

During this time, I have learned a lot from Jon Olson and the site itself.
Things keep changing on the internet and I am learning how quickly this
can happen.

I joined a ClickTrackProfit team, and already it has been taken off the ranks!
So, now what? Join another team? Go solo and hope others will change?

I am not taking this personally, but I am puzzled about the change. I was hoping
to be able to raise the team level UP. So much for that idea. I am NOT a one-man
show. I know it takes a team to make things work smoothly on the internet. So either
I am not working as a team member, or I am supposed to be leading a team. 

In any event, I am still working to make something happen. Good or bad, I no longer
give a hoot whether any of you like how I do things or not. I did not join the site to please YOU, I joined the site to learn (supposedly) how the hell to market and make a profit!

Some honesty would be appreciated. I can take criticism as well as any other adult, so let's hear just what the hell is really going on! 

Every move I've made has been attacked and ridiculed. I am in need of some honesty and support. Not more "tough love" tactics from the Tim Tech crews.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Those Crazy Emails!

Good day to you.

I was just going through some of my emails. 
Being in this online business arena, I get a lot of emails.
Other marketers are always pitching their products, services,
or the next GREAT opportunity. 
It just kind of comes with this arena. When you sign up to
Safelists, Mailing services, List Builder sites, you exchange
your email for the use of the site. 

What really irks me about some emails is there is no way of
knowing what the product, service, or opportunity is! The
marketer does not give you a heads up in the email body 
they send! So many people do this...why?!! Usually it is a
trade-off for credits for the right to send an email from that
same service provider.

I know a lot of these marketers have me on their list now.
Yes, I click on those links to get credits so I can send my
own email. When I send an email using these services, 
I try to let the person know what it is I am promoting. 
What is the big "secrecy" thing on the internet? Why not
let an intelligent person decide for themselves whether 
they really want what you offer? You can do this easily
enough by giving pertinent information about what you
perceive they may need.

I suppose that you are finding out if these people may
actually need what you are pushing to them? Seems
like I remember being told to "target" your potential
contacts? Perhaps I am writing this more for myself
right now, but in any case, it is a relevant point.

Do any of the mailing services and safelist platforms
allow us to do this? Target our audience? Hmmm...
Now that is some food for thought. Who are the people
my message reaches when I use these services? Are
they just other marketers like myself? What if they do 
not need what I am offering? Then I am wasting my time
and credits I would guess. 

I may be off base with these thoughts as I am not using
these sites all that much. I have used some of them. I
am more curious than serious about this aspect of marketing
right now. Why should I pay for a service only to not be able
to see if my offers are even being looked at? Or are the 
majority of us just clicking thru to get those credits? Kind of
makes you wonder, doesn't it?