Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Viking Hits

Program Review of VikingHits.com

Type of Program: Free Manual Traffic Exchange
Timer: 6-10 Seconds
Price: Free
Commissions: 10% - 30%
Ease of Use: Very Good
Design: All the Latest Features


After joining this program I was very impressed with
how easy it was to navigate through the members area
and the surfing was a breeze.

Feature rich for sure... Prize Pages, Letter Surf Game,
Jackpots, Surf4Cash... Dynamic Surf Rates, IMloop, Surf Chat
Dynamic Upgrades, Surf Booster, Activity Points... The works.

This program rocks and I would suggest that anyone
who's looking for quality traffic join up today. There's
a whole lot to gain from being a member and hey,
don't forget to take the offer... (you'll know what
I mean when you join) yes, the offer that you've got
to see... it's awesome!

Performance: *****
User Friendly: *****
Cost: *****
Support: ****
Results: *****
Features: *****
Reviewed by
Barbara Erickson



VikingHits.com - Share in Our Spoils of Traffic and Cash!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wrinkles and Ironing

New Adjustments

I told you my opinion yesterday. Today was better and I am still working it.

I got a new computer last Monday. It had some minor irritations while setting up. Switching from a laptop to a desktop without a webcam was rather odd. I know, I know...I didn't make that many videos or change my profile pic or all the other nifty things I could have, should have, would have. Okay, so let's not shoot any unicorns. Let's not make unicorns cry, and let's try to appreciate each other just the way we are. 

If there is one thing I have learned in my 50+ years, it is I cannot change anyone else, project my expectations onto them, or hold resentments or put them on pedestals. I can only change myself, exercise my own improvement of whatever skills I possess, and ask questions. I ask more questions now than I did when I was younger simply because I am not as afraid. To ask a question or speak my mind as a younger person simply was asking to get shot...and I used to be a unicorn, sigh...

So today I have Nerd surfed at Click Track Profit and at Easy Hits4u, as well as Traffic G, and am working on Surf Skeleton as I write this. I made an improved video for Click Track Profit and a St. Patrick's themed splashpage for AdKreator.
Now, I am writing this blog entry. I would say I have had a pretty full day.

Last week I made a Valentine Click Track Profit splashpage and a Surf Skeleton splashpage using AdKreator. I surfed amid not feeling well and winter chill and was not satisfied with my lack of energy by week's end.  

I had received news that my Uncle Leonard had passed. A couple of weeks before that, I had received news that my favorite cousin had passed. I stayed the course and kept at my online endeavors. I participated amid my grief, my homelife, and that damn winter chill! I wasn't going outdoors unless I absolutely had to and then, I would drag my feet.

Ah yes, the #CTPis3 Badge Hunt and Celebration! I got some badges, and then I got wandering to some new sites that I needed to join to collect keys or badges, and dang it! That's when I started to get confused. I just do not know how I am supposed to remember every site I sign into in a day, and come back to surf them all. Do you? 

Stay focused, be consistent, use the tools, upgrade as you can, make splashes, banners, create emails for a list and a bonus to make it worthwhile for the subscription, get yourself out there with branding and videos, track your sites to see which ones are bringing in results (conversions), make friends, treat your referrals well so they stay, and all the other things I probably have forgotten by now. Whew! If that is not enough to make one's head spin, then I have to choose something out of all this to be an expert at. Who am I, supernerd?!

Oh never mnd, let's just have fun while we work, shall we?


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Very Interesting, but I Am So Confused!

Confusion Sucks!

Hey there! Thanks for reading this blog post. 

I am working with Click Track Profit and getting what seem to be very mixed messages.

Go slow and take your time, but hurry up and do as I tell you, like NOW!
Oh and hurry up and buy every special we have available or else!
You are responsible for your own actions and business building everyday,
so do it my way.
Now, I may not be the fastest, the smartest, or the most organized "nerd" on the block, but I am not here to compete with you, to mess up your links, or do any of the other underhanded, sneaky, (I'll get you for that) type of activity that seems to be occurring.

When I applaud someone's work it is not because I am kissing their butt, or giving out insincerity. If I comment on your work, it is because I really do think it is worth a comment. I am not trying to win your friendship, your likes, or your approval. I am not in need of it. I have been a loner most of my life. I work at my own pace, and if I make mistakes, I own up to them.

Jealousy be damned! I am so sick of hearing about others' greatness! Hey! We all need to be appreciated for what we do, not who we are, or who we are attached to. I can stand on my own and be okay. We all need to be supported sometimes, and challenged at other times. I know a few "cuties" I would like to knock on their butts, but that is just my feeling about them and it points to a problem within myself. I am not them, nor do I need to be. 

I am a 56 year old woman who is trying to learn to make a go of this new territory of internet marketing. I suit up and show up. I do the daily surf at the sites recommended. I have made splash pages and videos. I am writing this blog. I have done the PTC sites...granted not very consistently, but hey, maybe they are not my thing. I sure haven't made wise investments with my money apparently, as I am still having more month at the end of my money than the other way around. I have made a few bucks here and there, and I am not complaining. It is progress, not the instant success that so many are looking for that is in my best interest right now.

I participate in the chats and try to assist people who are asking for help. I welcome new people that join, and ask for a friend connection. I give away badges that are offered, and I say thank you to those that gift them to me. I know this isn't a one-way street, and I am not an island unto myself. I ask for help, and do not have an "I know it all" attitude. I have learned a lot from my fellow "nerds" and I need to study and learn more. I am willing to do this. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was TimTech. 

I am using Click Track Profit as my gateway because it is the most "sensible" site I have ever come across. If I go galavanting across the internet to some outdated sites or what have you, then that is my exploration. It has nothing to do with TimTech or Click Track Profit. Perhaps it has to do with my curiosity or just plain boredom at clicking at the same sites everyday. Whatever, it does not mean I am leaving or intend to leave. I have checked out some sites just because they look pretty, so shoot that unicorn and let's get out of this one-upmanship B.S.!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Do People Try To Cheat Systems?

Why Do People Want To Cheat Systems?

This action I've witnessed on the internet has always baffled me.
What can you gain except a bad reputation, possible legal actions, and the loss of what you were hoping to gain? The money and friends you acquired by being greedy and stupid are quickly lost this way. Cheating systems is Not the answer you need. 

I don't know, maybe you need some serious mental health help. Or some type of support. This behavior is simply  not acceptable and will eventually catch you with your pants down! There are too many people who are honestly and ethically trying to make a living online to put up with the likes of You very long.

Most of the sites I am using are from people I know, like and trust to some degree. A business relationship has no room for shady and underhanded maneuvers. Greed and dishonesty simply destroy and are never beneficial. It may be in the short term, but in the end you lose. So why? I simply do not understand. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Persistence Prevails When All Else Fails"

I have been with Click Track Profit for  almost 16 months now.

I keep using this site because they have a three year track record and there are hundreds of new members joining everyday.

This week we are celebrating the Three year mark and the Tim Tech team has a badge hunt event for the members. Although I was unable to purchase a badge, this will bring a lot of activity to our site. 

Members of Click Track Profit collect these badges and acquire trophies when they fill out a game card. Other badges are collected for different games and chances to spin the prize wheel. You can win real money by collecting money badges and spinning the prize wheel.

Click Track Profit has brought me much fun, friendship, education about marketing, and some money as well. This program is not about getting rich quickly, but you can learn how to make money in the step-by-step training provided in the site. Some people are making a lot of money by bringing in referrals who bring in others and/or upgrade their membership. Upgrading is always the better option. There are no free rides in this without the proportional drawbacks.

You can be a free member of any site, but are you actually getting the full benefits of that site? This is a 
business after all, and the sooner you get the idea that it is a good idea to invest in your business, the more successful that business will be. It took me quite a while to do this action for myself, but I am sure glad I did! I am now a lifetime member of CTP and have upgraded in as many sites as I could to make the most of it.

I did mention step-by-step. This applies to your monetary budget and planning for your business as well. Realistically, that is how you run a business. So upgrade if you are really able to. Take care of your money for your business and learn how to make more money first. Then you can upgrade more later. Buy the upgrades for the tools you need. 

The tools you need are in the training at Click Track Profit as well. Start by upgrading in these first. These will serve you well as you learn what to do to become known, liked and trusted in your online journey.

The success you seek does not happen overnight and there are no magic bullets, easy buttons, or get rich quick lies to be catered to here. This is a real business with the training and fun to get you successful. I want to be with you on that journey and assist you. 

Because I have persisted, I know you can do this too. Just meet me halfway and join us today by clicking the link. You will be taken to my personal splash page I created myself. Enjoy!

The site I have stuck with 

Barbara Erickson