Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Can Specify The Country!


Today I would like to give you an option to specify where in the world your ads will be seen.

I have run across a site that allows free members to post 10 banners and 10 text ads for free!

In return, you just post their HTML ad on your blog, Facebook or other social sites to gain
credits. How cool is that? Pretty simple and I love simple, so let's try this:
Get Your Geo-Adverts Membership Today!

Just click the link and you will be taken to the site where you can get your banners and texts seen where you like!

Try it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Build your social profile, fanpage likes


Today, I find a site that helps you build up your likes on social sites.
You know; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and G+.

I tried it out a bit and it tweeted okay, the Facebook wasn't always
reliable for the likes though. I was attempting to build up my "coins"
so I could get more ad power. I will have to play with this one some
more. It would not be fair to take a poke at it and say something that
may not be so.

In case you are curious or would like to check it out yourself, here is
the link. Let me know how it works for you.

Build your social profile, fanpage likes

Thanks for clicking!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Affiliate Funnel Time!


Today, I will share the importance of branding yourself first.
Without your personalized brand on all your materials you
are advertising with, you cannot get to know your customers!
Without knowing your customers and a way for them to get
to know you, trust isn't developed and it is difficult to sell to
anyone. It is also a recipe for disaster if the company you are
working with closes.

The more people can recognize your items out there on the
internet, and the more you can convey to them your sincerity,
your enthusiasm about your product, the better your chances
of gaining prospects (through relationship building) and then
making sales!

Affiliate Funnel is a free program that can help you do this!

Click on the link and open yourself to some new insights and
better marketing today!

Thanks for reading,

Barbara Erickson

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rotator For Banners

Good day to you!

Today, I'd like to give you a "free" resource to advertise using banners. I just got this email that stated I could get a "free" upgrade to IntelliBanners. I had to check it out, as I like to take a good offer!

Banners do work if used correctly and are often used in traffic exchanges, paid to click sites, and on your own blog or website. Be sure to brand your banners when you can. They are noticed more.

The banner resource I'm recommending today is IntelliBanners.

I just created a cool splash page with my referral links in it! Did you see it? Click that link above and see what I created. This cool splash page is to use in the traffic exchanges is getting traffic from a lot of different sources, like the ones listed on the page. It is very easy to set up and I urge you to do so!

The cool part of the site, is that you get to put your favorite banners on a rotator. This link you can use in other traffic exchanges or other places of your choice and it shows your banners! This gets you even more traffic to those banners! We all need more traffic-right?!

So there you go! Go get your "free" upgrade to IntelliBanners and tell them Barbara sent you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

David Wood's 21 Day Blogging Challenge


Barbara is back! I have to get this consistency thing down,
so I took David Wood at his word and am committing to
writing on this blog, that blog, or the other blog(?) for 21

Yes, I have an EN blog too, but haven't spent the time to get
through the training videos yet.

I have been busy with Click Track Profit! I have been busy
with surfing the traffic exchanges, I have been busy apologizing
to my daughter for a big mistake I made with her. I have been
busy trying to access an account created from that mistake! I have
been busy verifying emails from my payment portal. I have been
busy contacting people I know, like and trust in this CTP circle to
get the answers I need to keep myself and my daughter safe online.

Fortunately, I deal with trustworthy people. I am grateful to them for
all the education, support, and friendship they offer online. To quote
Ned Rae again, " I am highly favored and abundantly blessed".

So, now that this has been put on this blog, I am releasing it to the
universe and saying thank you to Dave Wood for letting me use
a technique that relieves me of stress of mistakes and turns it into
gratitude for the experience and the people I am involved with!

Thank you for the support and help when I needed it, and for helping
me to learn a hard, but important lesson.

Till next time,


Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Happens When A Traffic Exchange Dies?

I ran across this exchange I joined last year.

It was a rather creepy feeling to be on this big, beautiful site alone. I
looked around, seeing there had been a promotion contest. I counted the
members' referrals that were recorded. It was pretty dismal. I looked at
the promo pages, and they had some minor flaws. I wondered why the owner
did not care enough to remedy this.

All in all it was a rather sad experience for me. It made me think of all
the other times I tried so hard to create something or make something work
online. How many sites have I abandoned? How many times did I just let my
imperfections decay?

I don't know who the site owner is/was, but I had this moment of loss.

I must be getting a lot out of my surfing experiences with Click Track Profit to feel so
deeply about a site that appears so forlorn to me.

Just wondered, and thought I'd let you know of this experience.

Thank you for reading,

Barbara Erickson