Thursday, November 12, 2015

Social Buttons on Traffic Exchanges

Hello There!

After a long absence, I am writing today
as I came across a question.

I noticed on a site I was surfing that there
were no social buttons to promote a page
with. It kind of startled me, as I had not
paid much attention to this sort of thing
before. I guess I kind of took it for granted.

This site was new to me. You know how it
is claimed-you have to see an ad for a site so
many times until you sign up to it? Well, I had
signed up to this site some time ago and not
been able to do much more with it. I had put the
log-in info and the referral link on an index card
alright, but had filed it and not been able to get
back to the site.  Must have been surfing other
sites and been multitasking! LOL!

So it was actually a shock to see this site did not
have any way while surfing to promote a page that
was found on Bogart's Traffic Exchange.

Now, after looking in the Affiliate section, I see there
is a way to "tweet" your referral link. Okay. That makes
me feel better. I still think social buttons in the surfer
area would help improve the reach of this site!