Friday, January 31, 2014

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Barbara Erickson

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cash Surfing Network and Spreecast Work Together

Cash Surfing Network

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Having a heck of a start to this new year!

Just Good Traffic

Steve Ayling's Traffic Exchange

I am fairly new to this traffic exchange, but already I can see it is a good one.
There are rewards and bonuses to be had for surfing. There is a game you can earn more from. I see it is an extension of Commando Surf and that there is a weekly loyalty draw. 

This site is smooth to surf, the chat is available to surfers, and the owner is known in the te world. Looks like the affiliate section has a nice email to send out, there are tweets and facebook sends available, as well as splash pages you can personalize to brand yourself with along with regular splash pages.
There are some really nice banners with or without your name and picture on them.

Looks like Steve has a nice blog going as well. can give you more information about the site.

I just like to keep writing about the sites I come across that I believe may be worth trying out for yourself. So check it out and let me know what you think.

Sign in Here: Just Good Traffic



Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogging is "bleh"?

Blogging Is Creativity!

I love blogging! I can write about whatever I like.
I can post whatever I like and I can express what I am feeling whenever I like!

To me there is nothing that gives me that "Saturday night feeling" like my fingers pressing the keys on my keyboard. 

Ever since I was small, it is what I was fascinated by: the sound of a typewriter or even an adding machine. I loved looking at the old journals and ledger books. Graph paper or check books that accountants used all stirred up a feeling of "importance" in me.

I had no idea what these documents were, but I wanted to know.
I wanted to smell them and write on them at a wooden desk with a lamp.

So, of course I like blogging. It stands to reason doesn't it? I was always good at writing and practiced to make very neat letters, either printed or in cursive. I had to use "certain" pens. There was a certain feeling that some pens had that a stik bic just didn't have.

Was it an artistic bent? I do not know, but I liked to use colored pencils and felt tip markers to draw with. I would practice drawing with a regular pencil also. I liked to draw horses. I drew a nice squirrel once. 

I learned more when I had to keep a journal for school. I still have that journal somewhere. I thought I had lost it, but then I found it one day and man was I glad! 

So writing and drawing...yeah, I guess those are artistic qualities, but I do not consider myself truly creative. There seems to be  void in that area. Lack of use and misuse of that desire and drive got substituted with some unhealthy habits for many years. Writing is the part that did not get misplaced. I used it in school and it is still with me to enjoy as I wish.

Poetry is part of this and so are short stories. I can and have written research papers, but as of late, I am not reading the way I used to. The ideas seem to come as a result of reading. I will have to carve out more time to read. Writing is what I enjoy though, so I have a blog. Bleh!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

10 Traffic Exchange Tips

Promoting On Traffic Exchanges The Right Way

‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎01, ‎2014

Barbara Erickson here to refresh my memory and editing skills.

I would like to give you 10 tips to use traffic exchanges effectively.

  • Always use a splash page. This is a page that has the minimum of needed information on it and it does not scroll. An attention grabbing headline, the main benefits of the product, service, etc., and a definite clear call to action are needed. To the point, clear and concise reasons that allow your viewer to decide quickly if they want what you are offering.  
  • Your picture, your name and a way to contact you for further information are always great ways to brand yourself and get that know, like, trust factor going. People want to know who they are buying from and how to contact you in order to ask questions, or if there is a problem.
  • Include a form on your page if you want to create your own list, but have a quality product in the form of a free ebook or newsletter or other gift in exchange for that precious email. Treat that email you get with respect with a thank you page that offers your exchange gift. 
  • Create your own pages to make yourself stand out. The pages that everyone else is using will not get as good a result and people will not see the page you are promoting. That is why it is important to brand your pages with your name and picture, so people get to recognize You. I use AdKreator to create some of my own pages. This software is available for a monthly subscription that is affordable. Some traffic exchanges also have pages you can add your name and picture to, along with a banner of your own choice.  
  • Use a tracker to keep statistics on how much traffic your pages are recieving and where that traffic is coming from. The tracker you choose depends on pricing and if you want a subscription software to use or if you want software you install on your server. There are trackers that tell you how many clicks you get, where the traffic is coming from, unique clicks, return visitors, or which clicks resulted in sales or sign ups (conversions).
  • Who is your audience in the traffic exchanges and what do they need? What solutions can you offer them? Traffic exchange users want more traffic and tools to help them accomplish their goal-referrals and sales! Put yourself in their shoes and come up with amazing products and services you would like to see offered that would help you achieve your goals. Thus the need to stand out and offer amazing quality items.
  • Use the traffic exchanges with chat to introduce yourself to others. Get to know others. Find out what their interests are, what they see as problems and offer help. Perhaps your product or service is what they need. Do not put your link in the chat!! Use skype, a personal message system, a forum, twitter, or facebook to introduce them to your product or service. Most marketers have these social portals available to use. Click on their profile picture in the chat and see where it leads. Usually you can find a place to send a personal message from there. If not, ask them how to contact them outside of the chat. 
  • Learn to use video. I know, this is difficult for a lot of us. Video really does capture attention quicker. It shows that you are a real person and can be more emotionally triggering than a static page with your picture and name on it. Enthusiasm and fun are always good in a video. It takes a lot of practice, but hey you can always delete what you do not like and try again till you get it the way you want it. There are some pages designed for video in some traffic exchanges, and if you create one with AdKreator, you can use the video code on the page you create! 
  • Use FireFox or a browser created specifically for tabbed browsing. This will make surfing multiple sites easier and may even increase your credits and speed. TE Browser comes with video instructions and is downloadable. It is a highly recommended product, so see if it works for you.
  • Be consistent with your surfing and do it daily. Keep track of your credits with a tool like TE Command Post if you like. Keep it simple and upgrade in a few of your favorite surfing sites. This is for your credits and for your referrals' benefit. To get the most from your surfing efforts and theirs it is win win action step to be upgraded and guide them to get upgraded as well.

If you like this post or want more information about how to surf effectively in the traffic exchanges, please contact me and I would be happy to assist you.

skype: barbara.erickson49
cell: 9075180531