Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Random Thoughts


I've been offline for quite some time. Yes, I know this means I get to start all over again.
So to that I will simply use Jim Rohn's quote "A setback is an opportunity for a comeback!"

The marketing online world changes from day to day. We change from day to day. Change is the way of life. 

I have changed my outlook, perspective and am just observing what is out there at this time.
I have many opportunities; too many at this point, due to my scatterbrained way of doing things so far. Now it is time to stop throwing money to the wind, take a good look at what I have accumulated, and decide what is worth my attention and what isn't. I have created a monster! A marketing nightmare, and I do not know if I can unravel it.

Traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers, systems and tools. Who can possibly make sense of it all? Yet those who have been doing this keep telling me it is possible and it is how they make their money daily. I simply do not get it. I have not made money from my attempts. I am not saying the methods do not work...simply I do not know the method. It is frustrating and I have spent way too much money in my attempts. No fault of anyone's but me. I do not know the method.

With that said, I will continue looking. I am not sure what to do with all these cards, notebooks, and incomplete systems I have gathered. I suppose I should pick ONE and follow it through daily to the end. That seems to be the logical choice. 

The traffic exchanges; well, there are soooo many & I have links on a lot of them. I suppose I should go to each one and see what I have on them and change it to ONE link across the board. That is a lot of scrutiny and work, but it might be a part of the solution. I need to find ONE item that I would love to advertise that is of value and has a good standing in the online world. 

For now, that is what I know.

See you all later.