Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rocket Responder Befuddled


This last week was quite discouraging for me. It seems like just when I think I've got something good going and am finally understanding...I know nothing!

That's how it feels anyway, and yes, it is enough to make a unicorn cry, but what's that going to accomplish? 

Now, I know I need to build a list. I know there is a tool  called an autoresponder that is supposed to help me do that.

What I don't know apparently is how to set up a proper thank you page and get a free offer out to someone that signs up. 

I am subscribed to the Rocket Responder autoresponder by Tim Tech. I have successfully sent myself test emails and signed up to my own list. I did have a squeeze page out for Easter that got two actual subscribers. What do you do after that?

A successful one time squeeze page isn't enough information. I need more information! Please! What does it take to get some more information and guidance around here?! What is a "thank-you page" and how does it work, what do you put on it? How do you set up a free gift for subscribing to a list?

I've been told to review the information, attend the webinars, use Skype, reach out to others,etc. Yes, I have done those things, yet some information is unclear. Some information is not presented in a meaningful manner. Sometimes I think I have painted myself into a corner.

Yes, it all sounds so easy coming from one who has already faced each struggle I am facing. Yes, you have blazed a trail for me to follow. Did somebody paint the signs a different color? Do I not know the words perhaps? Are the instructions complete or did vital information get edited out in favor of "less is more"? In any event, I would request More Information Please.