Thursday, November 12, 2015

Social Buttons on Traffic Exchanges

Hello There!

After a long absence, I am writing today
as I came across a question.

I noticed on a site I was surfing that there
were no social buttons to promote a page
with. It kind of startled me, as I had not
paid much attention to this sort of thing
before. I guess I kind of took it for granted.

This site was new to me. You know how it
is claimed-you have to see an ad for a site so
many times until you sign up to it? Well, I had
signed up to this site some time ago and not
been able to do much more with it. I had put the
log-in info and the referral link on an index card
alright, but had filed it and not been able to get
back to the site.  Must have been surfing other
sites and been multitasking! LOL!

So it was actually a shock to see this site did not
have any way while surfing to promote a page that
was found on Bogart's Traffic Exchange.

Now, after looking in the Affiliate section, I see there
is a way to "tweet" your referral link. Okay. That makes
me feel better. I still think social buttons in the surfer
area would help improve the reach of this site!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top Flight Traffic

Hello to you.

I am happy to know that Top Flight Traffic is still around.
After Randy Ritter's passing, I thought I was being respectful
by taking the ads off the sites I had posted on. 

This was not the case, I am relieved to see. Top Flight Traffic
is being taken care of.

I miss Randy and it was hard to surf his site without him there,
at first. Now I feel he wants us to surf it and promote it. So, that
is what I will do. 

Long live Top Flight Traffic and the wonderful teachings Randy
left us to improve our lives!

Thank you Randy, I love you.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Am I Doing This?

Hello again,

I received an email from Bill Maloney.
At least that was the name on the email.
It was a List Bonus email.

Basically it asked me why I was doing
this internet marketing thing.Then it
was stated why he/she was doing this
internet marketing thing. Okay, fair

Let me start by blowing a few "opinions"
out of the way.

I am not here to have a hobby.
I am not here to spend all my money and
make you rich.
I am not here to fail as the quoted percentages
I am not here to give up.
I am not here to work alone.
I am not here to work For YOU.

A decent return for my efforts online would be
nice; so far it hasn't happened. I would be getting
more by going back to a j-o-b. 

I do not fit into the workaday world. I have tried 
several j-o-b-s here in my community, and it did 
not work out for me  At least not in any long-term 
situation. There is nothing wrong with the companies
I did attempt to work for.
Maybe the universe had other plans for me. 
For one, I am not very politically minded.
 Second, I do not have that certain "look" 
or "charismatic" quality a lot of the positions 
seem to require.

A college degree does not guarantee success offline
or online. All I can do is utilize the skills I possess, 
refine them, and learn how to make better choices and
decisions. The internet is HUGE and the choices and
decisions are not any smaller. The overwhelm most 
new comers face I can fully empathize with. That has
been my biggest hurdle. Having site after site after site
thrown in my face and thinking I had to join so it would
work with the "system" I am using. Okay, so these many
sites do work with the "system". It requires a lot of time
to record and keep records of these sites for use. Seeing
how and why they fit together has taken another chunk of
time and many hours of unpaid willingness to keep going.
I have collected scores of notebooks and card files to keep
some semblance of order.

Nobody said this was easy. In fact anybody that is anybody
in this arena has repeatedly warned of the pitfalls. I can
understand this. There have been times I wanted to give up.
Something inside me will not allow that. A computer is my
passion and I know that others can make theirs pay them. I
am single mindedly after that goal. 

There are many things that come before this goal. There are
communication skills to be developed for video or audio
presentations. Webinar skills have to be considered. Writing
and formatting skills are needed. All the dynamics of my
communication have to be taken into account when I write or
do a video or present any type of advertising. My audience is
a factor; what is needed and wanted? How do I present the
solution? What media should I use? How do I word this ad?
What voice do I use? How would I like to receive this email?
On and on it goes.

A continual learning process is working here. Not necessarily
me as an individual. The nuggets I hear or find, I do attempt 
to put to use. There is no way to be perfect and I know I will
probably not ever be perfect. That is okay. I am learning and
as a result growing into a better person. Sharing what little
knowledge I have and what products I believe in is a part of
why I am online. To disseminate information. Isn't that part 
of YOUR why as well. Don't you want to make a difference
in someone's day? To make a mark on this world?

That is enough out of me for now. I will have more about me

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Barbara Erickson


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So You Think You Want To Know Me?

Hello again from Alaska! It's Barbara to set the record as straight as I can.

I am officially a Click Track Profit member, and I am also a member of Cash Surfing Network.

In my attempts to understand what I need or don't need to run a business online, I have collected
more membership sites than are possible for one person to handle. And, not only that, they interlap and are connected to other systems as well! Now, I am being questioned about who/what I belong to.

I am a member of Tim Tech sites, the Legacy team sites, and due to overlaps, also some of the Goettman sites. I think three groups of teams and sites is enough for anybody to be a part of, thank you very much!

Of course, this just isn't so. There are other "systems" and "coops" I have run across in the constant overlapping and downline building of sites. If this isn't enough to confuse someone, I do not know what is. I am starting to see what belongs to what, so if I can get that down to a boundary of groups, I will have this half licked.

Happily surfing onward!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello from the Alaskan corner of the universe!

Hello from the Alaskan corner of the universe!

Barbara Erickson wants to get some writing done today.
I've been working on learning about some of my mailers
and safelists that I've collected through their individual
downline builders. Some I've gathered just because I
liked the splash page or the name.

Learning to write effective emails for products is kind of
baffling. I see so many good & not so good examples
that others send me through the above mentioned sites.

I have totally fallen in love with the recently launched
Atomic Mailer! It is growing very fast, and I am pleased
at this rapid growth. The owner is doing a "dime sale" in
proportion to individuals signing up. Example; for every
100 people, he increases the price a bit. I got to join for
$1.20 the other day! That is a great offer price!

Today, I will return to promote this site some more, as 
well as get back to some of the traffic exchanges I had
neglected in my "whirlwind" of activity around mailers.

Click Track Profit is still my guiding light, and the members
there are still my cohorts! My best to all of you! As fall
approaches, I plan to do more studying of materials I've
gathered through all my efforts as well. 



Friday, August 7, 2015

Lesson for Today

Just got done watching a SpreeCast

Jon Olson does a "show" here most weekdays-usually not on Friday as he has other things scheduled for that day.

Seems funny; looking back at how afraid and immature I was when I first got
online to see about this "marketing" stuff. Yes, I was totally intimidated by you
so called "gurus". 

Today, I have grown to really listen to what Jon has to say. Yes, he may "rant"
and get on a soapbox, but deep underneath-I now see he really wants us to understand-what it is that he cares about so deeply. Not just his "topic" of the moment, but his members. Yes, you & me!

He wants us to grow so badly, it upsets him when he sees others trying to trick us or pull us off track. I remember Jon from I Love Hits and his other great site,

I was online when Gary Ambrose was making his "loud" videos for the new Sweeva site. Around that time, I was lost and needed to back out of the scene for awhile.

If I posted something about "Jon Olson Sucks" during that time; I truly apologize. Ignorance is bliss they say and I really had no clue what I was upset about. I only knew I was upset and that my dreams were not coming true. I really was reacting at that time, as I did not know any better. My growth as a human being has been long and slower at times. 

Today, I respect Jon Olson and what he has accomplished. Ironic how after that mess I left the online world in, that I would return to Jon Olson's sites. This time I truly want to understand and make the best use of them I possibly can. 

I joined Click Track Profit when I came back online. I had seen it prior to leaving-I believe it was just launched when I had to exit. I am recommending it today and using it. 

This site and the members have helped me grow in my marketing efforts as much as they possibly can. I'm sure I've driven some of them goofy at times with my "well-intentioned" mistakes. I probably still make some of them wonder what the hell I'm doing online at all. That's okay. 

I am online to master marketing. Oh boy! I really bit off a big chunk with that statement. That truly is why I am here though. I want to make money online-eventually.

This is a gradual learning process. "There are no get-rich quick ways to do this", according to Jon and many other marketers I've spoken to. I have been advised to "stay the course" and "show up daily". "Leaders are readers" is another fact I have heard from many successful people. "Attitude determines your altitude" is another token.

These lessons are what have stuck with me these many years. There are probably many more, but I am learning how to "keep it simple" today.

Thank you for letting me share.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade

Hello Blogger World!

Made a fairly seamless transition to Windows 10 this morning.
Since it took awhile, I took some time to review my Blogging for
Dummies book. 
I have come here to make a short entry. Just checking things out
and getting my correct address for this blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be around surfing in
all the awesome sites listed in my Click Track Profit back office!
Hope to see You soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Isn't That Interesting?


Wow, the more I look, the more I see. The more I see, the more I say "yikes"!

When I checked my Cash Surfing Network back office, I noticed that my upgrade at Legacy Hits was not showing up! I am definitely an upgraded member there. I emailed support and asked them to correct the situation. I got on Skype and was "informed" it was because I had not surfed the "required" amount of page views. Ah, yes I have surfed the required amount of page views several times with two of the other sites and it has not registered for Legacy Hits.

Hey, it's not that big a deal! I just appreciate getting credited for my Time & Energy that I put into surfing at Legacy Hits, as it is one of my favorite surf sites.

I did get credited for my other two sites which are upgraded also. We will see what happens with Legacy Hits. Seems to me someone has said patience is a virtue, so I will be patient.

Cash Surfing Network is an awesome Advertising System! You can build multiple downlines, chat in the surf sites, advertise with PPC, play games, build a city,
get XP & badges for Click Track Profit, and a lot more. Despite my "glitch", I am recommending you give this money maker a look-see! Where else will you be able to get a $12 sign-up bonus? Yeah! You get $12 just to sign up and see what the site can do for your advertising needs. Isn't that interesting?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rocket Responder Befuddled


This last week was quite discouraging for me. It seems like just when I think I've got something good going and am finally understanding...I know nothing!

That's how it feels anyway, and yes, it is enough to make a unicorn cry, but what's that going to accomplish? 

Now, I know I need to build a list. I know there is a tool  called an autoresponder that is supposed to help me do that.

What I don't know apparently is how to set up a proper thank you page and get a free offer out to someone that signs up. 

I am subscribed to the Rocket Responder autoresponder by Tim Tech. I have successfully sent myself test emails and signed up to my own list. I did have a squeeze page out for Easter that got two actual subscribers. What do you do after that?

A successful one time squeeze page isn't enough information. I need more information! Please! What does it take to get some more information and guidance around here?! What is a "thank-you page" and how does it work, what do you put on it? How do you set up a free gift for subscribing to a list?

I've been told to review the information, attend the webinars, use Skype, reach out to others,etc. Yes, I have done those things, yet some information is unclear. Some information is not presented in a meaningful manner. Sometimes I think I have painted myself into a corner.

Yes, it all sounds so easy coming from one who has already faced each struggle I am facing. Yes, you have blazed a trail for me to follow. Did somebody paint the signs a different color? Do I not know the words perhaps? Are the instructions complete or did vital information get edited out in favor of "less is more"? In any event, I would request More Information Please.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

March Madness, Season 3 and Total Disturbances!

Hello there!

It's been awhile, I know.

I have had some major drawbacks this month. I won't do the "poor, poor pitiful me" dance, I will leave that to someone with less training than I have.

I totally messed up my bank account this month to the tune of about $1500.00! Now this is not okay,
as normally, that would set me back about $400. So, you see, I was not born with a silver spoon up my arse! This is why I am online in the first place. Who can live on $1200.00 a month?

There, now that that has been said...onward!

The Season 3 session of the Kore4 teams competition is underway and wow! What a ride this has been. The team I joined is Team AdKreator. We are in the Ragin' Redneck TE Racing League Division. So far, so good. We could do better, but then, it is everybody's effort that will make that happen. We need to move it on up!

The XP and badges collected (most have more XP) are what moves the members and the teams up in rank. We want to collect these so we can win that $5000 that is to be awarded this year! Wow! That is a lot of money and I would love to gain a piece of that pie, wouldn't you?

Gooo Team AdKreator!

Kore4 is the Click Track Profit upgrade that allows you to be in a team. You have upgrades to your CTP membership, your I Love Hits membership, your StartXchange membership, your Sweeva membership and your Thumbvu membership. Wow! That's $30.00 for five of the bests sites you can work with!

So there you have it, and best of luck to everyone who is participating!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Can Specify The Country!


Today I would like to give you an option to specify where in the world your ads will be seen.

I have run across a site that allows free members to post 10 banners and 10 text ads for free!

In return, you just post their HTML ad on your blog, Facebook or other social sites to gain
credits. How cool is that? Pretty simple and I love simple, so let's try this:
Get Your Geo-Adverts Membership Today!

Just click the link and you will be taken to the site where you can get your banners and texts seen where you like!

Try it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Build your social profile, fanpage likes


Today, I find a site that helps you build up your likes on social sites.
You know; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and G+.

I tried it out a bit and it tweeted okay, the Facebook wasn't always
reliable for the likes though. I was attempting to build up my "coins"
so I could get more ad power. I will have to play with this one some
more. It would not be fair to take a poke at it and say something that
may not be so.

In case you are curious or would like to check it out yourself, here is
the link. Let me know how it works for you.

Build your social profile, fanpage likes

Thanks for clicking!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Affiliate Funnel Time!


Today, I will share the importance of branding yourself first.
Without your personalized brand on all your materials you
are advertising with, you cannot get to know your customers!
Without knowing your customers and a way for them to get
to know you, trust isn't developed and it is difficult to sell to
anyone. It is also a recipe for disaster if the company you are
working with closes.

The more people can recognize your items out there on the
internet, and the more you can convey to them your sincerity,
your enthusiasm about your product, the better your chances
of gaining prospects (through relationship building) and then
making sales!

Affiliate Funnel is a free program that can help you do this!

Click on the link and open yourself to some new insights and
better marketing today!

Thanks for reading,

Barbara Erickson

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rotator For Banners

Good day to you!

Today, I'd like to give you a "free" resource to advertise using banners. I just got this email that stated I could get a "free" upgrade to IntelliBanners. I had to check it out, as I like to take a good offer!

Banners do work if used correctly and are often used in traffic exchanges, paid to click sites, and on your own blog or website. Be sure to brand your banners when you can. They are noticed more.

The banner resource I'm recommending today is IntelliBanners.

I just created a cool splash page with my referral links in it! Did you see it? Click that link above and see what I created. This cool splash page is to use in the traffic exchanges is getting traffic from a lot of different sources, like the ones listed on the page. It is very easy to set up and I urge you to do so!

The cool part of the site, is that you get to put your favorite banners on a rotator. This link you can use in other traffic exchanges or other places of your choice and it shows your banners! This gets you even more traffic to those banners! We all need more traffic-right?!

So there you go! Go get your "free" upgrade to IntelliBanners and tell them Barbara sent you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

David Wood's 21 Day Blogging Challenge


Barbara is back! I have to get this consistency thing down,
so I took David Wood at his word and am committing to
writing on this blog, that blog, or the other blog(?) for 21

Yes, I have an EN blog too, but haven't spent the time to get
through the training videos yet.

I have been busy with Click Track Profit! I have been busy
with surfing the traffic exchanges, I have been busy apologizing
to my daughter for a big mistake I made with her. I have been
busy trying to access an account created from that mistake! I have
been busy verifying emails from my payment portal. I have been
busy contacting people I know, like and trust in this CTP circle to
get the answers I need to keep myself and my daughter safe online.

Fortunately, I deal with trustworthy people. I am grateful to them for
all the education, support, and friendship they offer online. To quote
Ned Rae again, " I am highly favored and abundantly blessed".

So, now that this has been put on this blog, I am releasing it to the
universe and saying thank you to Dave Wood for letting me use
a technique that relieves me of stress of mistakes and turns it into
gratitude for the experience and the people I am involved with!

Thank you for the support and help when I needed it, and for helping
me to learn a hard, but important lesson.

Till next time,


Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Happens When A Traffic Exchange Dies?

I ran across this exchange I joined last year.

It was a rather creepy feeling to be on this big, beautiful site alone. I
looked around, seeing there had been a promotion contest. I counted the
members' referrals that were recorded. It was pretty dismal. I looked at
the promo pages, and they had some minor flaws. I wondered why the owner
did not care enough to remedy this.

All in all it was a rather sad experience for me. It made me think of all
the other times I tried so hard to create something or make something work
online. How many sites have I abandoned? How many times did I just let my
imperfections decay?

I don't know who the site owner is/was, but I had this moment of loss.

I must be getting a lot out of my surfing experiences with Click Track Profit to feel so
deeply about a site that appears so forlorn to me.

Just wondered, and thought I'd let you know of this experience.

Thank you for reading,

Barbara Erickson

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Over Yourself First!

Hello and Good Dreams to you!

Wow! I have never in my life been so blown away!

I simply cannot stand the EGO (let's all be serious)
some marketers seem to carry like a second skin.
I am not happy with the "fsmo"  phenomenon.

Like none of us that are working our butts off to make
a few bonuses, or rewards, or badges, or pennies as
it is are not serious?!

Where do you get off at determining that? 

You preach that we need to get known, liked and trusted,
so we plaster the internet with every site that allows a photo.
We chat in the chats, we make friends on FB and posts on
Twitter, and every other thing we can possibly do in a 24-
hour day, and yet, according to some of you "guru" type
people, we are not serious! Bull Crap!!

I do not pour my heart and soul out on a computer 12 or
more hours a day in the attempt to make sense of all this
conflicting, confusing information being shoved at me from
all sides to "play" or have a "hobby"!

I do not pour my savings account into your pockets because
I do not want to get something in return for pete's sake! 

There are just too many of you that love to lord it over the
new people that you "know best", you can do it "best" and
that you know what is best for the rest of us online. 

I may be cutting my own throat here, but I've seen enough
of how others undermine and dog the new ones. I have as
much right to my say online as any of you do. 

I am not stupid and I can see the "games" that go on in the
arena of internet marketing. Some of them can be pretty damn
expensive when it comes to replacing documents that are 
mysteriously "whisked away" before you get a chance to save 
them. It also gets very expensive to have to replace a laptop or
computer just because someone "does what they can do", puts
a virus on yours, and crashes it. 

I may not be the best marketer out there, my landing pages may
suck, my video attempts may be lacking, me emails may look 
shitty, but hey-! This is my dedication, motivation and committment
to myself to make this work.

If you cannot understand that, then I feel sorry for YOU!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015 – Free credit based safelist review

EliteSafelist is a sizzling hot credit based safelist that you may have heard of if you like free traffic programs.

So what’s all the excitement about? Here’s what you need to know.

First, EliteSafelist allows you to email all of its verified, double opt-in members through their safelist advertising system. This is an incredible feature, because it allows you to have instant access to a list of thousands of people.

The average person has a lot of difficulty building a mailing list, so it’s great knowing that EliteSafelist is growing this list every single day and helping you increase your advertising.

Another huge plus is that members have a huge incentive to read your emails. In order to send an email, members have to earn mailing credits. The only way they can earn those credits is by reading your emails!

That means when you are send out an advertisement from EliteSafelist, you know that your ads will be seen by people that are excited to see it.

Another big thing you need to hear about is the downline builder at EliteSafelist, because this one is unique.

Most downline builders allow you to change the affiliate links to yours, so when people go to sign up for the programs, they join through your affiliate link.

EliteSafelist gives you the power to build your downlines to infinite levels, because your affiliate links will show to anyone below you that hasn’t entered in their affiliate IDs.

For example, let’s say you refer Bill, and he forgets to fill in the downline builder with his affiliate IDs.

Then Bill refers Jane into his downline. Jane sees the downline builder, and decides to join all of the programs. Well since Bill didn’t put his affiliate IDs, Jane ended up signing up under YOUR links!

Bill and your other downlines could end up doing work for you, building your downlines for YOU. Most other downline builders give referrals to the website owner if no one fills out the form.

Speaking of building downlines, they also have an awesome affiliate program. You get residual commissions for upgrades, commissions on credit purchases, and mailing credits for each referral.

Most importantly, EliteSafelist is one of the most responsive credit based safelists I’ve ever used.

They are ranked as one of the best safelists on the Internet at both Traffic Hoopla and Safelist Rankings. They are endorsed by some of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world. And they are growing at an incredible rate, meaning that your ads are always being seen by brand new eyes.

There is one minor downside, and this is common among all credit based safelists. You will receive a ton of email to your “list” email address.

When you register, put your primary email address as the “contact email”. For the “list” email, I recommend not using an email that receives important stuff, because you can expect to receive around 100 emails a day.

If you’ve used credit based safelists before, you know that this is normal, so it’s not really a negative. But if you’re new to the credit based safelist world, this may be overwhelming at first.

The reason you’ll want to read those emails is so that you can earn mailing credits. Don’t worry though, since you don’t have to read every single email. Just read what you can when you can.

Here’s a recap.

The Good
* You can send emails to thousands of verified, double opt-in members
* Get guaranteed website traffic in minutes
* Incredibly responsive so that you can build your list and make sales
* An infinite level, viral downline building system that actually helps you
* Very strong history, credibility, and ratings. This is a place you can trust and one of the best credit based safelists online.
* A generous affiliate program
* Innovative, active ownership
* Frequent contests and events

The Bad
* You’ll receive a lot of email
* Can be a lot to learn if you’re new to credit based safelists (there are video tutorials and lots of help inside though)

Looking at everything, I highly recommend EliteSafelist to build your business. There’s far too much you get out of this program to worry about the small downsides.

Visit the link and join EliteSafelist:   Click This!