Thursday, April 10, 2014

Know, Like and Trust Factor

Why Do You Need Branding?

People Buy From People.

Know Like and Trust.

 When you buy a product, do you buy from someone or a brand you are not familiar with?
If you want to save money, do you go to WalMart or Fred Meyer? Why?

Is it location? Or is it because you know the lady or man that serves you there?
Is it because of product price? What does motivate you to buy where you shop?
Think about it. Even in the city there are smaller areas known as neighborhoods.
When you shop at the same location, you see the same people and get to know
some of them.

Doesn't it feel strange when you go to another location and don't know the layout
of the store, can't find your favorite product, and the service person is someone you
do not know?

It's the same marketing online. I would rather buy a product online from someone I
know the name of or at least recognize the face, wouldn't you?

When I was online several years ago, I was following certain people who were teaching
me about tools that I needed online. I was following some other people who were showing
me how to reach out on the internet with various types of promotions.

I was totally overwhelmed! I simply could not keep up with the information overload I
was experiencing. I had to stop after my laptop stopped working right.

I got back online a couple of years ago. Probably in Sept. of 2013 or so.
Amazing! I ran into the same people and the same sites I remembered from my previous
experience online. I started with the "simple system" to get grounded. I am still learning
from that "simple system."  No, I haven't become rich. That is a pipe dream and there
are no "magic" buttons to make you rich.

There is no such thing as filling out a form and doing nothing and magically becoming
a success. No, it takes a lot of work and lots of hours to keep traffic flowing, let alone
learning all the tools and how they work! This is not a joy ride where money just flows
to you from the get-go.

There are many things to learn and most of it is skill sets about how to market online and
what you need to have inside yourself in order to be successful.
You need to get your face and name out there on the internet so people start to see you
in as many places as you can reach. This is not easy and takes time. There are lots of
ways to do this and this blog holds only a few of them. Check out some of the sites I
thought enough of to mention here.

Quality is what people want. A way to solve their problems or a tool that will expedite
their process.

For now, simplicity is best for me. How about you? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Traffic Deluge

Traffic Deluge

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