Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Top Flight Traffic

Hello to you.

I am happy to know that Top Flight Traffic is still around.
After Randy Ritter's passing, I thought I was being respectful
by taking the ads off the sites I had posted on. 

This was not the case, I am relieved to see. Top Flight Traffic
is being taken care of.

I miss Randy and it was hard to surf his site without him there,
at first. Now I feel he wants us to surf it and promote it. So, that
is what I will do. 

Long live Top Flight Traffic and the wonderful teachings Randy
left us to improve our lives!

Thank you Randy, I love you.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Am I Doing This?

Hello again,

I received an email from Bill Maloney.
At least that was the name on the email.
It was a List Bonus email.

Basically it asked me why I was doing
this internet marketing thing.Then it
was stated why he/she was doing this
internet marketing thing. Okay, fair

Let me start by blowing a few "opinions"
out of the way.

I am not here to have a hobby.
I am not here to spend all my money and
make you rich.
I am not here to fail as the quoted percentages
I am not here to give up.
I am not here to work alone.
I am not here to work For YOU.

A decent return for my efforts online would be
nice; so far it hasn't happened. I would be getting
more by going back to a j-o-b. 

I do not fit into the workaday world. I have tried 
several j-o-b-s here in my community, and it did 
not work out for me  At least not in any long-term 
situation. There is nothing wrong with the companies
I did attempt to work for.
Maybe the universe had other plans for me. 
For one, I am not very politically minded.
 Second, I do not have that certain "look" 
or "charismatic" quality a lot of the positions 
seem to require.

A college degree does not guarantee success offline
or online. All I can do is utilize the skills I possess, 
refine them, and learn how to make better choices and
decisions. The internet is HUGE and the choices and
decisions are not any smaller. The overwhelm most 
new comers face I can fully empathize with. That has
been my biggest hurdle. Having site after site after site
thrown in my face and thinking I had to join so it would
work with the "system" I am using. Okay, so these many
sites do work with the "system". It requires a lot of time
to record and keep records of these sites for use. Seeing
how and why they fit together has taken another chunk of
time and many hours of unpaid willingness to keep going.
I have collected scores of notebooks and card files to keep
some semblance of order.

Nobody said this was easy. In fact anybody that is anybody
in this arena has repeatedly warned of the pitfalls. I can
understand this. There have been times I wanted to give up.
Something inside me will not allow that. A computer is my
passion and I know that others can make theirs pay them. I
am single mindedly after that goal. 

There are many things that come before this goal. There are
communication skills to be developed for video or audio
presentations. Webinar skills have to be considered. Writing
and formatting skills are needed. All the dynamics of my
communication have to be taken into account when I write or
do a video or present any type of advertising. My audience is
a factor; what is needed and wanted? How do I present the
solution? What media should I use? How do I word this ad?
What voice do I use? How would I like to receive this email?
On and on it goes.

A continual learning process is working here. Not necessarily
me as an individual. The nuggets I hear or find, I do attempt 
to put to use. There is no way to be perfect and I know I will
probably not ever be perfect. That is okay. I am learning and
as a result growing into a better person. Sharing what little
knowledge I have and what products I believe in is a part of
why I am online. To disseminate information. Isn't that part 
of YOUR why as well. Don't you want to make a difference
in someone's day? To make a mark on this world?

That is enough out of me for now. I will have more about me

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Barbara Erickson