Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Darren Olander Sites


Have you seen Darren Olander's sites?
If you want to "up your traffic game",
perhaps it would be a good idea to
check them out.

I've been a member for some time, but
could not afford the upgrades- yet...

Looking a little closer, I see some quality
advertising by others, and some good ways
to earn by promoting these sites. I also see
there are monthly promo codes for All of
his sites, so you can get a good amount of
free advertising as well.

Go take a look and see if some of these
sites are to your liking and meet your
advertising needs.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Never heard of List Fire until today

Here I am again telling you about another advertising venue.
This one is a little more "old school" but it is worth a look!
You can check it out here:
Join ListFire.com and have thousands of people build YOUR opt-in list for you for FREE!

Join Hit Link For Traffic & Points!

Hit Link is a free to join traffic exchange. 
To earn points; surf the recommended sites associated with it and get even more traffic!
Win a cash prize each week for accumulating the most points. 
Simply surf daily and build your downlines in multiple places.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another site I just ran across-Surf For Traffic

Hello again,

I just found another free traffic exchange
that is promoted by a member I know,
like and trust. I saw George Nikolis'
splash page and I had to see what
he was using to be so successful 😁.

It is free to join, and very simple to
use. Simple is better I say. So, as a
free member, you get .33 credits per
click. You can advertise 3 affiliate
links, 3 banner ads, 3 square banner
ads, and 3 text links.

The site is smooth to surf, and there
are surf rewards you can claim each
day. There is also a word claim for
more credits.

Go join now and see how you like it!
Just click the banner:

Get Free Traffic Here

Today I am promoting a site that has
been around for a long time. This site
has worldwide reach. You are able to
target your audience, and the country
you would like to reach.

You can promote your affiliate links and
banners easily and it is free to sign up and
use. There is a low-cost upgrade available
to get the maximum benefit out of the site.

Check it out today by clicking on the link:

Traffic Generation! - Get *free* traffic to your Website Guaranteed! Check it out - It's free!

Thank you for your time and attention.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Finally! Discovering All Solutions Network


I am sure you've seen the page(s) that announce to you that you have found "the busiest site on the internet". Well, I decided to see what this is about.

I think I joined years ago, but lost track of that email and definitely did not know enough to Write Everything Down! So I am still seeing this site and just could not leave it alone. After all-"everything is free", it says.

Yes, everything is free. You simply share the site and then do some other actions which will qualify you for the "profit sharing" that is built into the site from the companies they are advertising for. Nifty! I did not think any site could be that easy. Oh, there's more to this site I'm sure, but I am just getting acquainted with it. Share on G+ and Facebook and get credited in points which lead to earnings. Send out emails. Use Text Ads and Bulletin Boards. So far, so good.

So here's my promo for the site.

You already do it… You already spend it…  Why not SAVE on it... AND get paid for doing it?...  
You even earn for just seeing  how much you can save on the things you do every single day?…  No cost and no obligation… and nothing like it!