Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Lead Magnet 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My First List

Today I Created My First List!

Today I created my first list for Click Track Profit using my Rocket Responder and AdKreator tools.

Being a member of the Click Track Profit system is teaching me how to do these necessary marketing tasks.

I am really excited as this is a milestone in my progress. I have tried to do this before and it was too complicated. Rocket Responder and AdKreator have made this fairly easy. 

What I would like to do here is show you the squeeze page I made
and if you would like to learn how to do this sign up!

Here is the link to my squeeze page:

If you need an autoresponder that is totally simple to use:

For splash pages, squeeze pages and banner creations:

I have truly had fun doing this and it is so exciting to achieve something that has eluded me for so long!


Teamwork & Relationship Building

Does teamwork make the dream work or do our dreams make the team work?

 I had to ask this question simply because of the many "nuggets" of information I have picked up this week.

  Relationship building is the prime key of successful marketing. What is the purpose of all this relationship building? To have people get to know you, like you and trust you! We are in marketing, yes, but we are people first and foremost. Are we here to push what we want onto someone else? Do we do that with our friends, family, and others? Does it produce the results we want? Do they need or want what we do?

  I can see very clearly when someone is just pushing me to buy something.
What makes me want to buy or not buy? There are a lot of factors involved, for sure. Do I need that "item"? Can I afford that price? What is the benefit if I buy and what are the potential drawbacks? Who is the person that is trying to sell me something?

  Building a relationship with someone becomes necessary when you put the shoe on the other foot. How would I like to be approached about a sale? An example: I get a phone call for some donation for a charitable organization.
The person gives me their name and the reason for the call. If that organization is of no interest or concern to me, how likely am I to donate?

  Okay, so what is missing? VALUES! That is the key ingredient that makes or breaks a sale. 

  You need to get to know  the person and find out what they value most. I cannot sell a shrub to someone who has no yard to put it in! I cannot sell an ivory pipe to someone who doesn't smoke. In fact, I cannot sell anything to anybody unless I get to know them, their tastes, their lifestyle, their family situation, their educational level, what books they read, what music they like, and so on. Thus, the need to develop a relationship; especially with marketing online venues. 

 I haven't heard of much else in the last three years except to get to know someone, be transparent yourself by branding everything you create or promote online with your true picture and your name and even a skype or email address for contact. A salesperson in a store isn't in costume when they assist you are they? Why should selling  or promoting something online be any different? Would you buy something from someone with a cute picture of Mickey Mouse for an avatar? 

Who are you and who are you reaching out to? Isn't this the whole point of social media marketing? Isn't that why chats were developed in the traffic exchanges? Are we just chatting while surfing? No, we had better be trying to get to know someone better. They may be our next customer if we happen to have what they need, or we may get to know them so well we create what they want!

The people I have chatted with have given me a lot of good advice. That is probably all I need at this stage of my development as a promoter of online services. There are many who have been supporting me as they watch me struggle, get stuck and flounder, and spur me on to other actions.

And with all this in mind, it brings me to:
Please click this link and may all your dreams come true!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Legacy Team Coop Referral Race Is On!

What is the Legacy Coop?

An extended reach for your ads!

Remember when I was raving about Legacy Hits?
Well, the Legacy Team: Marcus Wahl, Rodney Hage, and Ken Locatelli
have created a coop where you can get your ads seen Everywhere!

Surf where you want, use the coop link you get when you join and upgrade,
and these guys will advertise your ad for you!

Listen to what Marcus has to say about this useful service:

Legacy Coop Introduction 

This truly is an amazing value if you are in need of massive exposure for your ads.

There is also a referral contest going on, so get in Now, get your own links
out there and win with the Legacy Team!

Thanks for participating,

Barbara Erickson

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Giant Hits

Had Fun Surfing This Site Today!

This site has Badges! yeah, baby! Nerd surfing Badges.

There is also a point rewards feature and chat for your surfing enjoyment.

Thought I'd share it here as I do not usually see it promoted.

Try it out and get that $2 Sign up bonus today!