Monday, February 15, 2016

Tim Tech Support


Today I'd like to share with you that Tim Tech has  awesome support personnel.

I was unable to pay my Trck.Me account on time. The site appeared blocked and
I had difficulty using my CC to make the payment.

Staying in touch through email, I was able to get a rapid response to the first
inquiry. 24 hours is usually how fast you should get a response. My first
response from them was within an hour.

The second response assured me that sometimes the bank blocks a transaction so,
it was a matter of going to my bank to check on the transaction. The transaction
had gone through. I emailed this info to support.

Getting in touch with support through email, I discovered that I had multiple
accounts with different emails for this site! Big oops!

I gave the most current email for the site to support, along with my current
last 4 digits of my CC that I used.

This should have fixed the problem I thought. Well, I took a bit of time before
I realized that maybe I should send them a picture of the page that was saying
No to me. I sent them the picture and I recieved an email today requesting my
permission to delete all but the current email sign ups to the site. Hooray! I
now have my full usage of my Trck. Me site again!

To those of you who are not acquainted with Trck.Me by Tim Tech, all I can say
is: YOU are missing out!

It is the easiest tracker to use and has so many functions and capabilities, I'm not
even aware of them all yet.

It is affordable and keeps all my affiliate links in one place and cloaked for me.

There is a 30 day free trial and the monthly cost is minimal. All I can say is try it
and you will surely want to buy it!

To learn more, click this link now:
My Amazing Tracker!