Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Over Yourself First!

Hello and Good Dreams to you!

Wow! I have never in my life been so blown away!

I simply cannot stand the EGO (let's all be serious)
some marketers seem to carry like a second skin.
I am not happy with the "fsmo"  phenomenon.

Like none of us that are working our butts off to make
a few bonuses, or rewards, or badges, or pennies as
it is are not serious?!

Where do you get off at determining that? 

You preach that we need to get known, liked and trusted,
so we plaster the internet with every site that allows a photo.
We chat in the chats, we make friends on FB and posts on
Twitter, and every other thing we can possibly do in a 24-
hour day, and yet, according to some of you "guru" type
people, we are not serious! Bull Crap!!

I do not pour my heart and soul out on a computer 12 or
more hours a day in the attempt to make sense of all this
conflicting, confusing information being shoved at me from
all sides to "play" or have a "hobby"!

I do not pour my savings account into your pockets because
I do not want to get something in return for pete's sake! 

There are just too many of you that love to lord it over the
new people that you "know best", you can do it "best" and
that you know what is best for the rest of us online. 

I may be cutting my own throat here, but I've seen enough
of how others undermine and dog the new ones. I have as
much right to my say online as any of you do. 

I am not stupid and I can see the "games" that go on in the
arena of internet marketing. Some of them can be pretty damn
expensive when it comes to replacing documents that are 
mysteriously "whisked away" before you get a chance to save 
them. It also gets very expensive to have to replace a laptop or
computer just because someone "does what they can do", puts
a virus on yours, and crashes it. 

I may not be the best marketer out there, my landing pages may
suck, my video attempts may be lacking, me emails may look 
shitty, but hey-! This is my dedication, motivation and committment
to myself to make this work.

If you cannot understand that, then I feel sorry for YOU!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015 – Free credit based safelist review

EliteSafelist is a sizzling hot credit based safelist that you may have heard of if you like free traffic programs.

So what’s all the excitement about? Here’s what you need to know.

First, EliteSafelist allows you to email all of its verified, double opt-in members through their safelist advertising system. This is an incredible feature, because it allows you to have instant access to a list of thousands of people.

The average person has a lot of difficulty building a mailing list, so it’s great knowing that EliteSafelist is growing this list every single day and helping you increase your advertising.

Another huge plus is that members have a huge incentive to read your emails. In order to send an email, members have to earn mailing credits. The only way they can earn those credits is by reading your emails!

That means when you are send out an advertisement from EliteSafelist, you know that your ads will be seen by people that are excited to see it.

Another big thing you need to hear about is the downline builder at EliteSafelist, because this one is unique.

Most downline builders allow you to change the affiliate links to yours, so when people go to sign up for the programs, they join through your affiliate link.

EliteSafelist gives you the power to build your downlines to infinite levels, because your affiliate links will show to anyone below you that hasn’t entered in their affiliate IDs.

For example, let’s say you refer Bill, and he forgets to fill in the downline builder with his affiliate IDs.

Then Bill refers Jane into his downline. Jane sees the downline builder, and decides to join all of the programs. Well since Bill didn’t put his affiliate IDs, Jane ended up signing up under YOUR links!

Bill and your other downlines could end up doing work for you, building your downlines for YOU. Most other downline builders give referrals to the website owner if no one fills out the form.

Speaking of building downlines, they also have an awesome affiliate program. You get residual commissions for upgrades, commissions on credit purchases, and mailing credits for each referral.

Most importantly, EliteSafelist is one of the most responsive credit based safelists I’ve ever used.

They are ranked as one of the best safelists on the Internet at both Traffic Hoopla and Safelist Rankings. They are endorsed by some of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world. And they are growing at an incredible rate, meaning that your ads are always being seen by brand new eyes.

There is one minor downside, and this is common among all credit based safelists. You will receive a ton of email to your “list” email address.

When you register, put your primary email address as the “contact email”. For the “list” email, I recommend not using an email that receives important stuff, because you can expect to receive around 100 emails a day.

If you’ve used credit based safelists before, you know that this is normal, so it’s not really a negative. But if you’re new to the credit based safelist world, this may be overwhelming at first.

The reason you’ll want to read those emails is so that you can earn mailing credits. Don’t worry though, since you don’t have to read every single email. Just read what you can when you can.

Here’s a recap.

The Good
* You can send emails to thousands of verified, double opt-in members
* Get guaranteed website traffic in minutes
* Incredibly responsive so that you can build your list and make sales
* An infinite level, viral downline building system that actually helps you
* Very strong history, credibility, and ratings. This is a place you can trust and one of the best credit based safelists online.
* A generous affiliate program
* Innovative, active ownership
* Frequent contests and events

The Bad
* You’ll receive a lot of email
* Can be a lot to learn if you’re new to credit based safelists (there are video tutorials and lots of help inside though)

Looking at everything, I highly recommend EliteSafelist to build your business. There’s far too much you get out of this program to worry about the small downsides.

Visit the link and join EliteSafelist:   Click This!